Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Real Life Bleh....

Sorry guys, i know i havent posted in a little while damn that real life.. it soon catches up with you just been a crazy time recently but i went to watch my step dad in law race his Hillman Imp.. had a fab time i will be hopefully posted my incoming outgoing post later today
also here is a link to my pininterest board http://pinterest.com/roouk2009/cards/

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Outgoing 14/8/2012

Ok finally sat down and finished all my letters i am sorry that some i have taken awhile to write
For Anne
For Iris
For Becky AKA The Snailmailer
And lastly one for sara jean :D i am so excited.. about to go to the post office.. unfortunately all they give me is boring stamps.. need to go to the city centre to get the fun ones :/

Monday, 13 August 2012

incoming :)

Here is the post that has arrived :)so excited about my 1st mails
A lovely card From Laura Ly from Canada
The most awesome letter from Sara Jean in California, USA
A beautiful postcard from the very colorful Nicky in canada
And last a lovely letter from Anna In Oregon, USA Thank you ladies i loved them all working on replies now

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


So here some of the little notecards i sent to my penpals :)

The new Beginning

So i was blog - hopping recently and found this little mail blog about writing to penpals and i used to love to have loads when i was younger and i decided i was gonna take it up again. so i went on lots of different mail blogs got some addresses and started to create my cards for and use them as stationary :) So far i sent out 6 cards on thursday last week. 2 to Canada, 1 to california, 1 to turkey and 2 to the UK So i am waiting patiently by my mailbox :P